Supporting Canadian Athletes

Athlete Social Responsibility Award

The Athlete Social Responsibility Award was created in 2009 to recognize the contributions of athlete leaders in the community. The award is presented annually to a national team athlete or former national team athlete who has made a significant contribution to society through sport and/or volunteer initiatives that have made a positive impact on the athlete social responsibility movement in Canada and/or internationally.

Past Athlete Social Responsibility Award Recipients

2014 – Kyle Shewfelt (Gymnastics)
2013 – Kyle Miller (Lacrosse)
2012 – Philippe Beaudry (Fencing)
2011 – Jennifer Heil (Freestyle skiing)
2010 – Clara Hughes (Speed skating and Cycling)
2009 – Adam Kreek (Rowing), Andrew Haley (Swimming) and Scott Fraser-Dauphinee (Basketball)

Athlete Social Responsibility Award Selection Process

The nominations will be reviewed and a recipient will be selected by a selection committee comprised of members of the AthletesCAN board and/or former Athlete Social Responsibility Award recipients.

1. Each member of the selection committee will receive copies of all completed entries.

2. Selection committee members will rank their top three candidates (at their discretion) and provide them to AthletesCAN.

3. AthletesCAN will assign points based on rankings.

a. 1st place = 5 points
b. 2nd place = 3 points
c. 3rd place = 2 points

4. Points will be tallied and the candidate with the most points will be the recipient of the current AthletesCAN Social Responsibility Award.

5. In the case of a tie, the candidate with the most first place rankings will be selected.

The recipient will receive an all-expenses paid trip to attend the AthletesCAN Forum where they will be recognized at the 2015 Excellence Celebration on Saturday, September 26th. There is no monetary prize associated with this award.

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