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Randy Starkman Award for Leadership in Sports Journalism

The Randy Starkman Award for Leadership in Sports Journalism recognizes the extraordinary career and unparalleled contributions of the late Randy Starkman in telling the stories of Canadian athletes and sport over the past 30 years.

Randy gave amateur athletes a voice in the journalistic world that lasted longer than the few months around every winter and summer games. He thought that their journeys, whether successful or not, were newsworthy and he told them with a passion that resounded with a genuine love of athletes’ dreams and stories. He was a champion of amateur athletes and his contribution to the status of amateur sport in the media will be remembered every year as AthletesCAN honours journalists who pick up Randy’s torch and relay athletes’ stories to future audiences.

AthletesCAN has created an annual leadership award for outstanding sport journalism from an athlete’s perspective. In memory of Randy, this award will serve as an ongoing recognition of his legacy, and will be a call to action to inspire current and future Canadian sport journalists to strive for the kind of sport journalism that he demonstrated throughout his career.

2012 Recipient

2012 – Randy Starkman (in memoriam)

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