Supporting Canadian Athletes



  • The first of a series of Bell Athletes Connect Technology Days were held across the country in celebration of the launch of the 2011 Bell Athletes Connect Program.
  • AthletesCAN meets with the Minister of State for Sport, Gary Lunn, NDP Sport Critic, Glenn Thibeault, and Liberal Sport Critic, Joyce Murray to discuss the need for increased athlete funding.
  • AthletesCAN launches redesigned website.
  • AthletesCAN’s Sport Solution program redrafts the Canadian University Field Hockey Association’s league constitution with University of Western Ontario law students.


  • AthletesCAN members provide support of the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games Canada Queen’s Baton Relay in Toronto and Ottawa.
  • AthletesCAN assists in addressing homophobia in sport as a part of the Canadian-led International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) along with Coaches of Canada, and the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS).
  • 2010 AthletesCAN Forum successfully hosted at the Chateau Cartier in Gatineau, Quebec, along with the 5th annual KidsCAN School Day at the Gatineau Sport Centre.
  • AthletesCAN and Bell announce the expansion of the Bell Athletes Connect Program.
  • AthletesCAN, in partnership with the Canadian Olympic Committee Athletes’ Council and Canadian Paralympic Committee Athletes’ Council, a submit report to Sport Canada recommended changes to the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP).
  • AthletesCAN donates Team Canada gear to Sick Kids teen athletes during the holiday season.


  • AthletesCAN announces the release of a discussion paper on the topic of gender transition and sport participation as part of The Promising Practices: Working with Transitioning/Transitioned Athletes in Sport project. in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS).
  • AthletesCAN introduces the new Athlete Voice Column in AthletesNOW.
  • AthletesCAN initiates an Athlete Social Responsibility program and introduces the new Athletes Making a Difference Column in AthletesNOW.
  • AthletesCAN receives the President’s Award for Leadership and Youth Engagement at the 2009 Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance Prestige Awards in honour of the 2008 Mitsubishi Motors AthletesCAN Forum.
  • AthletesCAN introduces Athletes Anonymous- a social gathering that brings amateur athletes together in an informal setting.
  • AthletesCAN receives Trade-marks Certificate of Registration for their logo.
  • AthletesCAN organizes and facilitates athlete centered leadership programming at the 2009 Canada Summer Games.
  • 2009 AthletesCAN Forum successfully hosted at the Delta Vancouver Airport in Richmond, BC, along with the 4th annual KidsCAN School Day at the Richmond Olympic Oval.
  • AthletesCAN announces the official launch of the Athletes on Boards online leadership module.


  • AthletesCAN and the Canadian Paralympic Committee teams up to select the athlete ombudsperson for the 2008 Paralympic Summer Games in Beijing, China
  • AthletesCAN introduces the Athlete Leader Series, a monthly article recognizing athletes who have helped to shape the organization, and/or who are currently training and competing in preparation for the Olympics/Paralympics and continue to find time to make a difference as athlete leaders
  • AthletesCAN negotiates a national contract with Purolator to provide shipping discounts to all national, provincial and multi-sport organizations in Canada
  • AthletesCAN and Mitsubishi Motors launch the VIP New Vehicle Purchase Program for Canada’s National Team Athletes
  • Moira Lassen takes over as Executive Director while Jasmine Northcott is on Maternity Leave
  • Danika Tanguay joins the AthletesCAN team as Operations Coordinator
  • Andrew Nisker is elected President of AthletesCAN


  • AthletesCAN leads a working group on transitioning and transitioned athletes and submits a proposal to do research and provide information to the sport community on the subject
  • AthletesCAN collaborates with partners in the sport community on the creation of Sport Fest—a week of celebration of sport culminating with the Canadian Sport Awards
  • AthletesCAN brings the athlete perspective to government committees to ensure Bill C-47 – The Olympic and Parlaympic Trademarks Act protects the rights of athletes
  • AthletesCAN partners with IndieCan, the association representing Canada’s independent musicians to raise money and awareness for amateur athletes and amateur musicians
  • AthletesCAN introduces the Team ACAN Program which matches athlete representatives (reps) with AthletesCAN board members to encourage ongoing dialogue
  • AthletesCAN facilitates the creation of an interim Athletes Council for the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) and Paralympic athletes
  • AthletesCAN brings together Canadian athletes to provide feedback to the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport on doping processes for athletes with a disability and on the whereabouts program
  • Jasmine Northcott becomes Executive Director of AthletesCAN


  • AthletesNOW—the redesigned electronic newsletter of AthletesCAN is launched
  • Ashley Kilburn joins the AthletesCAN team as Administrative Officer
  • AthletesCAN hosts its first-ever Interactive School Day as part of the 2006 Forum. 20 current and former national team athletes spread the message of the importance of physical activity by visiting schools in the Fredericton capital region and speaking and engaging in sporting activities with over 2,000 children
  • In partnership with Sport Canada, AthletesCAN officially releases the results of the Status of High Performance Athlete Survey
  • AthletesCAN participates in Sport Matters’ Parliamentary Sport and Physical Activity Forum to bring Canadians who care about sport and physical activity together with members of Parliament to discuss their shared contribution to their communities and to Canada
  • AthletesCAN works with CMG Canada to create a comprehensive sponsorship package
  • Claire Carver-Dias is elected president of AthletesCAN


  • Tom Jones steps down as CEO
  • Jasmine Northcott becomes Interim Leader (January 2005-June 2005) and Athlete Forums Director and Operations Manager (June 2005-present)
  • Guy Tanguay is hired as CEO
  • Rachal Fleury is hired as Communications Coordinator
  • AthletesCAN launches its new corporate image
  • AthletesCAN produces its first-ever annual report


  • Jason Hussak is hired as the new Administrative Assistant
  • AthletesCAN successfully advocates for an increase in the Athlete Assistance Program stipends
  • AthletesCAN assisted with the creation of the BC Athlete Voice
  • AthletesCAN developed a position paper urging the Canadian Olympic Committee to reconsider its position on its top-12 Olympic qualification criteria
  • Through partnership with Sport Canada, AthletesCAN implemented the Status of the High Performance Athlete Survey
  • AthletesCAN and Bell Canada enter into a seven year partnership to enhance the Athletes Connect program
  • AAP Stipends increase to a budget of $19.85 million
  • The number of Senior Cards increase from 1100 to 1500 and Development Cards increase from 500 to 900


  • Board changes from operational to a governance structure
  • Michael Smith becomes the first President of AthletesCAN (changed from chair)
  • AthletesCAN and athletes meet with the Prime Minister to communicate sport messages


  • AthletesCAN is actively involved in team selection issues for Salt Lake City Games
  • AthletesCAN testifies at Senate and Parliamentary hearings for Bill C-54, a bill to promote sport and physical activity (the bill is passed and a new Sport Act is created)
  • AthletesCAN creates the first ever Athlete Declaration
  • Ian Bird is named chair of AthletesCAN


  • Fast Forward, the newsletter of AthletesCAN, goes on-line
  • AthletesCAN relocates to Ottawa, Ont.
  • AthletesCAN hires its first national office staff members — Executive Director Tom Jones and Program Coordinator Jasmine Northcott
  • AthletesCAN partners with Investors Group to create the Team Investors Group Amateur Athletes Fund which annually awards 20 $5,000 bursaries to Canada’s high performance athletes
  • Greg Edgelow becomes chair of AthletesCAN


  • AthletesCAN publishes a discussion paper on the development of a national sport policy
  • AthletesCAN creates an athletes’ round table to incorporate athlete feedback into the development of a new national sport policy
  • AthletesCAN publishes a report outlining its position on the development of a national sport policy
  • Susanne Dandenault is named chair of AthletesCAN
  • AAP stipends increase to a budget of $14.7 million


  • AthletesCAN launches its first web site
  • AthletesCAN introduces its Canada Games programming for the first time in Corner Brook, Newfoundland


  • AthletesCAN works on the 20% Solution – a system-wide goal proposing that key NSO committees related to high performance sport decision-making should have 20% athlete representation
  • AthletesCAN and Commonwealth Games Canada partner to create a new process to select flagbearers for Canada
  • 300 new cards were added as a result of a budget increase


  • AthletesCAN and Bell Canada launch the Athletes Connect program which provides national team athletes with telecommunications hardware, airtime and Internet access at no charge
  • AthletesCAN sets up its first office at the University of Toronto and hires its first staff member – Michele Comeau
  • Lori Johnstone is elected chair of AthletesCAN


  • The CAA changes its name to AthletesCAN
  • The Sport Solution—a joint project between AthletesCAN, the Dispute Resolution Center and the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario—is created to provide athletes with legal information and assistance
  • Following a proposal from AthletesCAN, the Canadian Olympic Association (COA) creates an Athlete Fund (in 1997, the fund awards $648,000 to athletes in Olympic and Pan Am sports)
  • Ed Drakich becomes chair of AthletesCAN


  • The CAA partners with Dale Carnegie and Associates to offer free communications training to Canada’s high performance athletes
  • Lobbying by the CAA results in a 25% increase in Athlete Assistance Program stipends to a budget of $6.9 million


  • CAA works with major Games organizations to establish an Athlete Advocate position for all future Games


  • The CAA holds its first Athletes Forum in Kimberley, Ont.
  • The CAA’s first Board of Directors is elected
  • Ann Peel becomes the first chair of the CAA


  • The Canadian Athletes Association (CAA) is formed in Toronto, Ont.
  • Ann Peel and Dan Thompson chair the provisional board

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