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CALL EARLY! Sport Solution can better address your needs before the problem escalates.
At the Sport Solution, you, the athlete, control the dispute resolution process — we’re here to give you the tools to resolve the problem.
Before making contact, it is recommended to organize any relevant information you may have available into digital files creating a background of your situation. This will allow the program managers to efficiently investigate the issue and provide you with a timely response.
Sport Solution Toll Free: 1-888-434-8883 Tel: (519) 661-4163 Fax: (519) 661-2153 Email: [email protected]
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2018 Summer Office Hours: [April 30 - August 31]
Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time
2018 Fall Semester Office Hours: [September 4 - December 7] Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time
*Limited availability and service between December 7 – January 7. Initial inquiries by email only.

2019 Winter Semester Office Hours: [January 8 - April 13]
Monday to Friday 10am- 5pm Eastern Standard Time
*Limited availability and service between April 14 - April 29. Initial inquiries by email only.   


Sport Solution is a program of AthletesCAN, the association of Canada's national team athletes. The Program Managers at Sport Solution are law students who can provide athletes with legal information and resources on: sport dispute resolution procedures, athlete agreements and contracts, selection and discipline procedures in sport, and related legal and policy issues.

The Sport Solution Program Managers are not lawyers, and they cannot provide legal advice or opinion.  The Sport Solution respects an individual's privacy and any personal or confidential information that is provided to the Sport Solution will be used solely to assist the athlete with their issue or concern, and will not be shared with others without the athlete's consent.