These awards are intended to recognize and celebrate outstanding competitive performances in 2018-2019. 

Male Athlete of the Year (Winter/Summer)
Named in honour of Norton H. Crow, one of Canada’s most prominent sport executives, this award is presented to the outstanding male individual athlete of the year.  Norton H. Crow was instrumental in consolidating the Amateur Athletic Union in Canada, assisted in the development of amateur baseball and hockey, and was involved in the Olympic movement.

Female Athlete of the Year (Winter/Summer)
This award is presented annually to Canada’s outstanding female individual athlete of the year.  The award honours the brilliant track athlete Velma Springstead whose spectacular career ended prematurely when she succumbed to pneumonia in 1926 at the age of 20.  The Women’s Amateur Athletic Federation of Canada founded this Award in her honour.

Team of the Year (Winter / Summer)
The first Canadian artistic skating team to win an Olympic medal, Tracy Wilson and Rob McCall captured the bronze at the 1988 Calgary Olympic Winter Games. Inaugurated in 1995, the Wilson and McCall Trophy has evolved to recognize Canada’s outstanding teamwork. The Team of the Year Award is presented annually to Canada’s outstanding senior national team in a sport, which requires more than three (3) athletes to play.  Teams eligible for nomination in this category include the following team sports: baseball, basketball, curling, field hockey, football, hockey, lacrosse, ringette, rugby, soccer, softball, artistic swimming, team handball, volleyball, and water polo.

These six (6) awards are meant to recognize and celebrate an individual’s outstanding contribution to the betterment of sport.  These Awards are presented to an individual only once in a lifetime unless otherwise indicated. An individual may be entered in ONE of the following categories:

Bruce Kidd Leadership Award
This lifetime achievement award is presented to a retired national team athlete who has provided meaningful contributions to sport as a leader, advocate, change agent, or builder. This award is named in honour of Dr. Bruce Kidd who has made enormous contributions to Canada’s sporting community as an athlete, advocate, author, historian, and academic.  Bruce was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1968.  As a result of AthletesCAN acquiring ownership of the Canadian Sport Awards in 2017, the AthletesCAN Leadership Award, created in 2005 to recognize similar contributions of athlete leaders, has been merged with the Bruce Kidd Award.

AthletesCAN Social Responsibility Award
The AthletesCAN Social Responsibility Award, was created in 2009 by AthletesCAN to recognize the contributions of athlete leaders in the community. The award is presented annually to a national team athlete or former national team athlete who has made a significant contribution to society through sport and/or volunteer initiatives that have made a positive impact on the athlete social responsibility movement in Canada and/or internationally.

Leadership in Sport Award
This lifetime achievement award recognizes the outstanding contribution of a sport leader or organization who exemplifies True Sport values as demonstrated by ground breaking organizational leadership, innovative practices, influential communications, cutting edge sport marketing and/or positioning of the sport sector.

True Sport Award
The True Sport Award recognizes and celebrates a Canadian hero who, in the pursuit of sporting excellence, has demonstrated values such as dedication, perseverance, sportsmanship, respect for others, and a true love of sport. This category showcases the magic that lives within sport to inspire, motivate, and capture the hearts and minds of all Canadians. True Sport recognizes a Canadian citizen who exemplifies these values in an inspirational and meaningful way.

Inclusion Award - Obliterating Barriers in Sport 
The Inclusion Award recognizes an active or retired national team athlete who has used their platform to advocate for inclusion in sport. The athlete’s actions have inspired and promoted diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups within an area or areas of our sport community from grassroots to high performance.This new award highlights the initiative, courage and leadership of these individuals.

#AthleteVoice Award – Rep of the Year
The #AthleteVoice Award recognizes the significant contributions of an athlete representative within their national sport organization, multi sport organization or international sport organization. The athlete representation movement is only as good as the athletes chosen by their teammates to effect positive change. This new award highlights the initiative, courage and leadership of these individuals.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD The People's Choice Award highlights the most extraordinay moment in sport that has occurred in the past year.  The moment may be an astounding result in a solitary competitive event or a specific, impactful demonstration of sportsmanship, fairplay, inclusion, or perseverance. The People's Choice Award highlights a moment which inspired a nation and made us all proud to be Canadian.

These three (3) awards are meant to recognize and celebrate corporations who provide outstanding support to Canadian sport. The corporation may choose between one (1) of these three (3) categories when submitting a nomination. Exclusions for all categories include any mention of product endorsements.

National Team Corporate Support
A corporation that has demonstrated an understanding of a national team’s needs and a willingness to develop a number of corporate initiatives that support the training, competition, and promotional activities of a national team program.

Individual Athlete Corporate Support
A corporation that has shown a sincere interest in an athlete’s development by providing both monetary and personal development support.  This corporate commitment has enabled the athlete to set and achieve progressive goals by virtue of the corporation’s commitment and support.

National Initiative Corporate Support
A corporation that has addressed its corporate marketing strategy through the support of a national sport initiative or program with extensions at the grass-roots level. This support includes the corporation’s involvement and contribution to the program’s design, implementation plan, ongoing operations, and growth.