Supporting Canadian Athletes

Appendix 2: Sample Briefing Note Templates

Information Note for Agenda Item xx: Proposal Regarding Training Hours



  • State your issue or proposal as concisely as possible – in a sentence or two.
  • Example: “The board of directors’ approval is being sought on a proposal to increase the number of training facility hours provided to high performance athletes in the eastern region.”

Background and Current Status

  • State the reason why the change is being sought.
  • Briefly describe the history of the issue, including any previous policy changes and the reasons for them.
  • Provide a ‘snapshot’ of the current status of the issue.


  • Describe the implications of the proposed change – including financial implications if relevant.
  • Describe the positions of other stakeholders – if there are sensitivities, state the facts in a non-judgmental way and provide a way forward where possible. E.g.: “A similar proposal was rejected as too expensive by the board two years ago, causing considerable disappointment among athletes from the eastern region. This proposal is more modest in scope and less costly, and provides an opportunity to reach out to a group that has valid concerns about their place in the organization’s priorities.”
  • Try to keep this section brief and “high level”. Put any detailed information like an implementation plan or detailed budget into an appendix.


  • Describe several feasible alternatives for resolving the issue; this usually but not always will include the option of doing nothing.
  • Organize the alternatives in a way that makes sense; for example, from least to most expensive. For each option, state a few pros and cons and the cost if known (if not known, you could still make a general statement like “This is the costliest option.”)


  • State the recommended option. Be specific.
  • Example: “It is recommended that the board of directors approve funding of $10,000 to purchase additional training facility hours for high performance athletes in the eastern region.”

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