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Career Development

As an athlete, you are well aware of the lifespan of a high performance athlete.  Have you thought about what you’ll do when that day comes? Gaining experience off the field of play in the workforce can provide you not only with an additional income stream to support your training, but will help prepare you off the field of play when it comes time retire.  Having a plan for life after sport can also reduce anxiety over the unknown – a gloomy feeling that can sometimes bleed into your performance on the field of play.

The Elite Athlete Work Experience Program (EAWEP)

The Elite Athlete Work Experience Program (EAWEP) is one of many life services programs offered by the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary to help athletes in areas away from their respective fields of play. The life services program aims to find current and retired athletes work experiences that are flexible and purposeful, while also allowing local businesses to utilize the drive and determination that is found amongst high-level athletes.

“Finding that the EAWEP has filled a void in the athlete life because funding isn’t sufficient to pay monthly costs and it is really hard to find a supportive employer.” Lauren McGuire, Speed Skating

8 Videos Alternative Partnerships

You can build your own model for this exact purpose.  Use the network you have established to see if there is a fit where a shared passion and values exists between yourself and a company.  Pitch the idea of contributing your own expertise and strengths that you have developed over the years as a high performance athlete to that organization to bring value to the partnership.  Not only will they have a driven and hardworking employee who can persevere and adapt to any environment, but an inspiring role model for the organization, clients, and customers.

The COPSI also provides a number of athlete support services which vary from Institute to Institute and are currently piloting Game Plan in partnership with the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committees.

WatchGame Plan – Strategy for Athlete Wellness

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