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Public Speaking

Most people find the lives and leadership attributes of high performance athletes extremely inspiring. As an athlete, you have likely acquired a number of life lessons throughout your career both on and off the field of play.  The great thing about having the ability to know and tell your story in a meaningful way is that there is a market for it – you can create a new income stream through public speaking inspiring businesses, their employees, their clients, students, and more.  Public speaking is a great alternative to sponsorship when it comes to raising funds to pursue your goals and there are a number of opportunities out there for you to take advantage of.

Josh Vander Vies – Public Speaking

Mark Tewksbury- Motivational speaking (Getting involved in speaking engagements to create fundraising) –

The following is a list of existing public speaking programs for athletes, most of which provide complimentary training and support to ensure you have the tools to present a professional and relevant brand and message. Learn more by visiting the sites below.

AthletesCAN – Dale Carnegie Effective Communications & Human Relations Course (Complimentary to national team athletes current & retired)

Motivate Canada’s Esteem Team Program

Canadian Paralympic Committee – Paralympic Hero Program

Clean Air Champions

Additional Resources:

DC DOC – Getting excited about Public Speaking 

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