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What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding in Canada and around the globe has become an increasingly popular means of funding and supporting the dreams of our high performance athletes. Crowdfunding has created an opportunity for athletes who may not have an existing public profile or sponsorship base to raise funds for training, competition, and everyday expenses. The concept allows for athletes to receive support through a donation and gift-based practice with the crowdfunding websites connecting supporters and fans to the athlete. Rather than getting one BIG sponsor, you’re getting several, even hundreds or thousands of smaller donations.

After selecting a website to host your campaign, you will need to determine your funding goal and the story you want to convey in your profile.  Many websites will allow you to add a video to your profile which can increase interest and sharing of your campaign.  Finally, you’ll need to set the duration of your campaign.  Most successful campaigns last between 30 and 60 days. It is recommended that you build awareness surrounding your goals through your network and social media prior to your campaign launch to ensure greater chances of success. Most crowdfunding websites will provide tips and guidance on how to create an effective strategy for a campaign.

Depending on the website used, some crowdfunding websites have no costs for athletes to run a campaign, where others will require a nominal fee.  For those websites that impose fees, athletes generally keep approximately 80-90% of the money raised. Fees are most often paid to the payment processing company for the donations as well as the website in which the campaign is hosted through.

Depending on the website you choose to host your campaign through, they may require that you meet certain eligibility requirements.  Screening processes help to ensure athletes have the foundation for a successful campaign.

David Ancor discusses crowdfunding


Top Crowdfunding Websites:

Crowdfunding Pitches (Athlete Examples)

Maxim Bouchard – Diving

Jesse Lumsden & Justin Kripps – Bobsleigh

Alex Duckworth – Snowboard Halfpipe

Larissa Yurkiw – Alpine Ski

Other Canadian Athlete Fundraising Initiatives

Bobsleigh Canada funding effort – We Push Stuff

Kara Grant, Modern Pentathlon – Swing to Beijing Golf Tournament to raise money

Volleyball Canada- online fundraising auction (Via Rail tickets, Volleyball tickets in Belgium)

Additional Resources

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