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Networking as A Promotional Tool

Networking is an extremely valuable tool in any business environment and a vital skill that you should make every effort to develop. You never know whom you might sit next to at a dinner and the potential opportunities that this may open up for you.

Networking opportunities present themselves constantly in everyday life so try to view all social and formal gatherings as potential networking opportunities. Work the room, find out about the people around you and let them know who you are and what you do. If you make the right impression on the right people at the right time, you never know what this might lead to.

 Jayson Krause & Ryan Blais – Networking


The Message

The message or pitch comes in many forms but is generally a summary of who you are (your story), your objectives and a call to action – in a VERY concise manner.

When deciding what you want to convey in your pitch, there are three things you should ask yourself:

→ What do you want them to know?

→ What do you want them to feel?

→ What do you want them to do?

Having these thoughts ready to convey at all times is important – you never know when an opportunity to build a new relationship is going to present itself.

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