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Networking Tools

Networking Tools for your computer

Nimble ($15.00/month)
Tracks all interactions with contacts. Tracks when you last talked to them, how you last interacted, and what is trending on their social media.

Xobni for Microsoft Outlook (Free) – also available for Android & iPhone
Microsoft Outlook can help you manage your address book, but with the Xobni add-on, you can integrate the social media profiles of your contacts. This means you’ll receive additional contact information that wouldn’t normally be included in your address book.

Networking Tools for your phone (APPS)

A contact management app that works across all Apple devices and syncs between all devices. Additionally works with many social media networks as one hub to manage all activities.

Tacts: Smart Contact Manager, Group Text & Email and Favorites (Free)
Tacts is a very user-friendly app with a great interface that makes contact management easy for a large majority of users. Features such as Smart Groups, which allows the app to auto organize contacts by user-defined parameters, really push this app beyond others as an alternative to the contacts app.

WorldCard Contacts- Business Card Reader ($1.99)
You can scan business cards onto your iPhone by taking a photo, and it instantly recognizes data from business cards and sorts the fields into a contact list. You can save a lot of information into each contact profile, including an image, e-mail, website address, phone number, SMS, and maps.

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