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Make use of all potential contacts. Whether it be friends and relations or relations and friends of theirs! The more people who are aware of you, what you do and what you are looking for, the more chance you’re giving yourself of attracting sponsors.

Always carry some business cards with you. It will make you look professional and gives you the opportunity to leave a calling card after a chance meeting.

Here are a few useful tips on how to conduct yourself in networking situations:

➢ However hard it may seem when confronted by a room full of people you don’t know, make an effort to mingle

➢ If attending a function with fellow athletes, don’t huddle in a corner and talk amongst yourselves. You can do that any other time

➢ Have something mentally prepared in your head to help spark off a conversation

➢ Set a realistic target for the number of people you want to speak to. Three or four during the course of a drinks reception will ensure that you keep circulating around the room

➢ Make an effort to remember the name of the person you are talking to. If other people join the conversation, it looks good if you can make the introductions

➢ Have confidence in yourself and what you do

➢ Find out as much as possible about what the person you are talking to does. Try to find some common ground / mutual interests

➢ Even the most high-flying businessmen may feel intimidated by a room full of athletes. Most will want to talk to you but may be shy about initiating the conversation. Take the onus away from them by making the approach instead

➢ Try not to get stuck for too long with any one person. Think of a good exit strategy in case you want to move on

➢ Exchange business cards and follow-up any promising leads with a friendly email the next day

➢ If you think strike up a good rapport with anyone in particular, invite them to your next event


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