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Promotion…embrace it!

In addition to building your story and identifying the types of sponsors you’re looking for, you’ll need to learn how to promote yourself to build your network, increase your reach and therefore, your value – all of which will help to attract potential sponsors.

The Role of Social Media in Promoting your Story

 “Social media remains a tremendous opportunity for amateur athletes – a way for them to share their athletic journey with the world.”   Ryan Blais, Canadian Aerialist, VP Business Development / Managing Partner, nine10 Incorporated.

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Ryan Blais is a retired member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team from the discipline of Aerials. During the ladder years of his career he gained some notoriety from his strategic use of the web and, more specifically, by how he was leveraging social media to share his athletic journey.

In 2011, Ryan presented at the AthletesCAN Forum sharing the lessons he had learned about how athletes can leverage social media. He followed the presentation at Forum with a quick resource document; a social media cheat-sheet, of sorts. You can still view the original document (much of which still applies.

Upon his retirement from sport, Ryan founded a social media consultancy called GoSocial, which has since merged with the marketing agency nine10 Incorporated.  He shares his expert tips for leveraging social media below to build your brand below.

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