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The Meeting

Andrew Greenlaw talks “The Meeting”


Once you’ve made contact, it’s time to build that relationship.

Some of the information you’ll want to gather to help you determine whether there is a partnership opportunity and fit present includes:

➢ Marketing objectives (both short and long term)

➢ Challenges the organization is facing in meeting these objectives

➢ History of sponsorship – experience and results

➢ Timelines – strategic planning, fiscal year, budget development

➢ Marketing & sponsorship budget

➢ New initiatives/opportunities for growth

➢ Corporate Social Responsibility / Community Engagement Strategy & Initiatives

➢ Process & criteria for sponsorship

➢ Best practices for pitching

AthletesCAN has developed a resource to help you keep track of your prospective sponsor research entitled Prospect Summary Sheet.  Click here for the pdf version.

Current Day Prospecting Tools

Social media has provided several tools to support you in this process; one of which is predominantly used these days for prospecting, career planning and relationship building – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site.  It allows you to create a free online profile of jobs, background information, skills, volunteering, and interests that you possess; and provides you with easy access to people, jobs, sponsorship, news and networking. The site also allows you to join groups to connect and share insight with like-minded professionals, display your affiliation with organizations or professionals, seek out jobs, and discover other individuals across many professions.

This platform acts as a personal branding tool that allows you to stay connected with sponsors, industry professionals, co-workers, other athletes, etc. with little time and effort.  LinkedIn also enables you to search and set up notifications for various companies, jobs, or people with opportunities that might interest you – essential acting as your own personal researcher.  In the reverse, companies can also search people – and in the case of sponsorship – potential athletes they want to sponsor.  By including your objectives as it pertains to sponsorship on your profile, you make it easier for sponsors to identify you as a prospect.

Creating a profile with your strengths, achievements, and objectives can also help to build your credibility and therefore, your VALUE.  LinkedIn allows for other connections to recommend and endorse you for various skills they believe you possess. The more connections and recommendations you receive, the better your chance for attracting employers and/or sponsors is.

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No matter which tool or method you use to look for and track potential sponsors, remember you’re always representing your brand whether it is at a meeting, on LinkedIn, on twitter or at a networking event – make sure you put your best foot forward.  Just like training and competing, building your brand takes effort so be prepared to invest the time and energy it deserves and people will take notice.


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