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Swimmer Ryan Cochrane, with two Olympic medals (2008 Bronze & 2012 Silver) under his suit, understands the value of a loyal support team and takes time to ensure they understand the positive impact they have made along the collective journey.  Check out his recent thank you email.

Hey Guys,
With another year gone, I think it’s important to give thanks to the fantastic support I’ve received over the past few season.  Although swimming may be an individual endeavor, in order to be the best in the world you really need a strong team behind you.  This extends to coaches and support staff, but also to people and organizations such as yourself.  To garner impressive results it requires equally impressive support of amateur athletics.

I personally found 2014 to be a year filled with many significant accomplishments:  I graduated from university with my undergraduate degree in Psychology, attended my third Commonwealth Games and Pan Pacific Championships, and really saw my results come full circle.  There is a constant feeling of pride amongst the Canadian team every time we get to compete for our country, and I found this to be even more apparent during the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.  My first experience of a major sporting games was at the 1994 Games in Victoria, where I was amazed to see how much a city (and entire country) could get behind their athletes.  This was a feeling that has always given me chills, and it was a feeling that allowed me to succeed when perhaps the odds were against me.  Finishing my third Games with 2 Gold medals and my first significant progression in the 400 freestyle in 6 years was a humbling experience and one that was necessary for a push into the Rio Games in under 20 months.

The Pan American Games in Toronto followed closely by World Championships in Kazan this summer will be a pivotal stepping stone to the top of the podium in Rio.  Being able to call myself a professional athlete and focus all my energy on representing our country by competing to the best of my abilities is something I revel in and am always thankful to do.  Your support enables me to dream of Olympic success; something that has been in the front of my mind for over 20 years.  I couldn’t do what I do without your support.

Here’s to the years ahead and to the continued success of our team.

–   Ryan Cochrane


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