Supporting Canadian Athletes

The Canadian Sport Sponsorship Landscape

Before stepping into the business of sponsorship, it’s a good idea to get a feel for the Canadian sport sponsorship landscape.  The following video will provide a brief history and current overview of just that.

Canada’s most comprehensive study on the scope, scale, and trends of the nation’s sponsorship industry derives key insights from sponsors, properties, and agencies.

Since 2007, the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study has been providing the evidence to support and enhance recommendations for best practices in sponsorship in Canada.

Here are some of the key informational nuggets that you need to know:

  • With $1.77B spent on sponsorship rights fees in 2013, industry spending has grown over 60% since the first set of CSLS results for 2006
  • Almost a fourth of corporate marketing budgets are spent on sponsorship
  • Over half of corporate sponsorship budgets are targeted to provincial, regional, and local markets, suggesting closer properties are strategically valuable
  • Although a top concern remains how to demonstrate ROI, evaluation spend is still lower today than when the study began in 2006, with over 50% of respondents spending $0 on any evaluation

Clearly sponsorship is increasingly recognized as a vital marketing investment to effectively reach and connect with Canadian consumers – but there is still plenty of room for improvement in evaluating, servicing, and activating each partnership.

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