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The Proposal

Now that you have defined your market, your story, and your needs, you have the information you need to create your portfolio or sponsorship proposal.  This is something you can present to potential sponsors to summarize your value proposition.

The sponsorship game has evolved over the years from detailed sponsorship proposals with financial needs, budgets, and benefits outlined on paper to less formal, more personal relationship building and discussions of mutually beneficial partnerships.  While the process of creating a sponsorship proposal may help you to build your story, identify your value and your needs; it is not mandatory and according to most sponsorship experts these days, it is definitely not something you want to lead with.

Russ Reimer – The Proposal

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Take advantage of athlete leaders who have succeeded before you, who have set expectations as positive role models and spokespeople within the sponsorship landscape and the greater community.  Research athletes currently in the sponsorship game, but more specifically, how they are achieving their objectives.  Take key lessons from these case studies and apply them to your story, your market, your potential sponsors. Don’t reinvent the wheel – but do find innovative ways to leave YOUR distinct mark.

Should you wish to create a sponsorship proposal or portfolio the following resource courtesy of BC Athlete Voice is available to help you build them.

How to write a Sponsorship Proposal

Visit for first hand examples of athlete sponsorship packages.

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