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Things to consider when giving an interview

Things to consider when giving an interview…

➢ How do I look and sound?

o Relax, body language matters

o Your eyes and voice tell a story

o Don’t fidget, have calm hands

o Smile where appropriate

o Be positive, confident and authoritative

➢ Be humble in victory…and gracious in defeat

➢ Where possible, steer clear of potentially controversial topics

o Drug use

o Political views

o Personal views on issues of the day

➢ Protect your brand and your relationship with your sponsors, teammates, coaches, fans, sport bodies, etc.

➢ Briefly acknowledge/respond to tough or off-subject questions credibly and succinctly, then ‘bridge’ back to your own important messaging

o What’s really important is…

o The reason we’re here today is…

o I’d like to highlight that…

The 10* Commandments of Interviews

1. Short answers

2. Be passionate and emotive

3. Listen to the question and ask for clarity

4. Tell the truth

5. Take questions seriously/be respectful

6. Smile

7. Use anecdotes

8. Never say “no comment”

9. Don’t rush to fill silence

10. Measured speech

11. Nothing is “off the record”

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Building a strategy for Media engagement & sponsor integration

Always look to identify opportunities where you can deliver added value to your sponsor. In this respect, press coverage is a vital tool.

➢ Develop a relationship with your local papers, radio and television stations

➢ Keep in regular contact with the sports desk

➢ Offer to write a weekly or monthly column

➢ Tell them where you are competing and send in your results. Be sure to highlight any PBs, SBs and, of course, medals won

➢ Talk to your local radio stations and build up a relationship

➢ Talk to your local television station; they are always interested in local stars. With digital television and 24 hour news channels, there is an increasing amount of air time to fill and everyone is looking for stories

➢ Always tell your sponsor when you are likely to get coverage so they can look out for it

➢ Tell sponsors if the event in which you are competing is televised

➢ Keep copies of all press clippings

➢ Ask radio and television stations for a tape of your interview, most are happy to do this, but try to ask BEFORE you do the interview

➢ If you are the subject of an interview in the national, regional or local press, make every effort to credit your sponsor. Do this by wearing branded clothing in a newspaper photo or TV interview, or by crediting your success to the valuable support of your sponsor

➢ Keep a log of your interviews on radio and television

Develop these relationships with the media BEFORE you have a sponsor; it shows initiative and helps raise your profile in the local area. Strong relationships with the media will be a good selling point for you in your initial meeting.

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