Supporting Canadian Athletes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP)?
A: This is the only Sport Canada program that provides funding directly to athletes. Funding is based on national standards, which are sport specific, in order to identify eligible athletes for financial support.

Q: Who can receive AAP?
A: Athletes who belong to a National Sport Organization (NSO) which meets the SFAF (Sport Funding and Accountability Framework) minimum requirements OR athletes who are or have the potential to be top 16 in the world.

Q: Are there exceptions to those who can receive AAP?
A: Yes, there are exceptions. For a list click here.

Q: What type of support is available through AAP?
A: The three types of funding are: living and training, tuition or deferred tuition, and special.

Q: What is carding?
A: Carding or being carded includes athletes who are approved for funding by their National Sport Organization (NSO) and Sport Canada and are financially supported through AAP. In other words receiving AAP = Carded.

Q: What steps do I have to take to become carded?
A: Athlete completes Athlete / NSO form from their NSO and signs the Athlete / NSO agreement. The athlete is then approved for funding.

Q: What are the different levels of Carding?
A: D – young athlete showing potential
SR – 1 / SR – 2 – international criteria
C-1 – probationary card; meet national criteria for the 1st time.

Q: Who is eligible for carded status?
A: For individual sports, click here. For team sports, click here.

Q: Can I become de-carded?
A: Yes. There are three different ways to become de-carded. Click here for details.

Q: Do I belong to an NSO that is funded by Sport Canada?
A: Click here for a list of NSO’s supported by Sport Canada.

Q: I do not belong to an NSO funded by Sport Canada; can I still receive AAP?
A: As a general rule, AAP is limited to NSO’s who fall under the Sport Funding and Accountability Framework (SFAF). However, exceptions are made if the athlete meets international criteria (click here) for SR card or other eligibility criteria or the NSO meets AAP eligibility criteria.

Q: I have a disagreement about my Carded status – what do I do?
A: Follow the NSO’s internal appeal process. If this method is exhausted, a review from Sport Canada can be requested.

Q: What guidelines do I have to follow if I become carded?
A: Guidelines are provided by the NSO and Sport Canada (called the athlete / NSO agreement).

Q: What are Multi-Sport Service Organizations (MSO’s)?
A: MSO’s provide athletes, the public and sport partners from NSO’s with services and multi-sport games opportunities.

Q: What types of services are at my disposal from MSO’s?
A: Services vary from MSO to MSO. For a list, click here.

Q: What are Canadian Sport Centres (CSC’s)?
A: CSC’s support high performance athletes through programs, services and training facilities. Each centre has its’ own criteria for support levels.

Q: What CSC services are available in my area?
A: For a list of services, click here.

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