Supporting Canadian Athletes

International Sport Federations

Your NSO is a member of an International Sport Federation (ISF). Each ISF’s individual website will have specific information about its structure, programs, priorities and values. In general, and within the parameters of the individual sport’s jurisdiction, each ISF officially acknowledges only one national organization for that sport per country. The ISF governs the sport and/or multi-disciplines internationally, including the development of competitive rules and regulations for the sport. They are also involved in the management of sport-specific events during multi-sport Games; manage the organization of sport-specific world championships or events; and liaise on behalf of the sport with organizations such as the World Anti-Doping Agency. In addition, ISFs supervise the development of athletes within their sports at every level, and govern the promotion and development at the international level.

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International Olympic Committee

International Paralympic Committee

Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF)

World Anti-Doping Agency

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