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The Athlete Report

The Athlete Report – Building Performance through Frontline Feedback

AthletesCAN believes that frontline athlete feedback is vital to performance.

The Athlete Report is a pivotal way to bring that dynamic frontline feedback to the forefront of your sport.

Mobilizing the voice of Canadian athletes to provide direct feedback to their sports through their Annual General Meetings with a formal Athlete Report legitimizes the voice of athletes, demonstrates responsible athlete representation and provides an invaluable resource to advance the performance of both you and your national sport organization (NSO).

What is an Athlete Report?

The Athlete Report is a formal document that would be presented to your NSO’s Board of Directors and members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that provides key insights and feedback from the athletes.

Each year the AGM brings together the key constituents of your NSO including coaches, officials, staff and provincial section heads, each of whom has the opportunity to weigh in on performance of the NSO (both on and off the field of play).  Often times, an Athletes’ Council and / or Athlete Representative(s) within your NSO structure are also afforded the opportunity to have the voice of the athletes heard at this meeting.

If athletes within your sport are currently not afforded this opportunity at your AGM, the Athlete Report could be presented to your NSO’s Board on a yearly basis, at a date that coincides with a meeting of the Board and perhaps precedes the AGM.  It is important to know that if your sport is funded by Sport Canada, the Sport Funding and Accountability Framework requires that all sports provide athletes with the opportunity to be informed and to provide input into matters affecting them, particularly in the area of national team programming.

Why Are Athlete Reports Important?

Athlete Reports have resulted in major shifts in programming and policy which have directly impacted team members at many NSOs, underscoring the importance of the athlete voice and the ability to provide feedback in a professional and organized manner.

How do I get started?

Please see the following resources to get you started:

√ How to Build an Athlete Report

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This resource is designed to address athlete leadership development of athletes and NSOs at the LTAD Train to Compete and Train to Win stages.

For more information on Athlete Representation or to learn who your athlete representative is, please contact:

Ashley LaBrie
Interim Executive Director

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