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Athlete Social Responsibilty

Making a difference, one athlete at a time

AthletesCAN is currently implementing an athlete social responsibility program that connects passionate high performance athletes with great causes regionally, nationally and internationally.


What is Athlete Social Responsibility (ASR)?

Athlete social responsibility is the ethical or ideological theory that as role models, athlete leaders have a responsibility to society; specifically within the AthletesCAN ASR program, it refers to positive action.Currently, there is a trend towards athlete leaders taking a proactive stance on causes and organizations that have a positive effect on their community and on society as a whole.

AthletesCAN will assist Canada’s athlete leaders to seize opportunities to engage in their communities and contribute positively to society.


Our goal is to ensure that social responsibility becomes one of sport’s guiding principles and an integral part of the AthletesCAN philosophy, spirit, and culture.


  • To engage and encourage athlete social responsibility
  • To encourage the sport community to integrate more athlete social responsibility into their programs
  • To generate societal awareness about athlete social responsibility


How is AthletesCAN getting involved?

AthletesCAN is actively seeking both SR athlete ambassadors and SR causes or organizations related to sport, health, education and the environment that may benefit from the program.

If you are an athlete and want to get involved, become an ASR ambassador! We’ll make sure you have the most up-to-date information about SR events in your area and how you can be a part of them.

For more information on the ASR program, please call 1-888-832-4222.

Every year at Forum, AthletesCAN gives the Athlete Social Responsibility Award to a national team athlete or former national team athlete in recognition of a significant contribution to society through sport and volunteer initiatives.  For more information on the nomination and selection process for this award, click here.

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