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A letter to the sport community by outgoing AthletesCAN president, Erik Petursson

Dear Canadian Sport Community,

After eight years on the board of directors of Canada’s Association of National Team Athletes, I address you with a few key observations and takeaways on the role of AthletesCAN and on the succession of the board leadership to Josh Vander Vies.

AthletesCAN is a PERFORMANCE focused organization.  We have renewed our focus as Canada’s Association of National Team Athletes on the unique leadership role of bringing an effective, responsible, and valuable athlete voice to the Canadian Sport Community.

We believe firmly that in order for athletes to achieve their ultimate potential in sport and impact within Canadian society, Athletes must exhibit leadership, be surrounded by a sport community that upholds fair play and transparency, and that there are effective mechanisms that harness and value the representation of the athlete voice in the decision making processes within Sport.

Our key accomplishments over the past three years include

  • the publication of the AthletesCAN leadership handbooks (online),
  • the development of best practices and recommendations for Athletes Reports, Athletes Agreements, and Athlete Councils,
  • the significant expansion of a legal clinic at Western Law to enhance resources of the Sport Solution program that supports athletes, and
  • collaboration on programming and policy with Sport Canada, the Minister of Sport, the Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Own the Podium, Canadian Sport Institutes and the Canadian Center for Ethics and Sport.

Although this process of leadership and representation at the decision table is not always easy, it is absolutely critical to build a Sport System that utilizes all valued feedback mechanisms.  This has been exhibited most recently through working closely with the Canadian Center of Ethics and Sport on the 2015 Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) to ensure the most effective mechanisms for ensuring clean sport.

AthletesCAN enters a new era under the leadership of Josh Vander Vies as President of the board.  Josh and I have served on the board for several years and have worked very closely together over the past year with the AthletesCAN staff to ensure a successful succession.  Josh brings remarkable determination, passion, dedication as well as a high performance perspective balanced with sound judgment.  I am very confident that AthletesCAN can have its greatest impact to date by harnessing the Athlete voice under Josh’s leadership.

Thank you for your passion and commitment to sport and the impact that the sport community plays in building future generations and a strong Canadian pride and culture.

Yours in Sport,

Erik Petursson

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