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Each year, over 150,000 people gain recognition by showcasing their abilities in the Dale Carnegie course. Here are testimonials from past recipients:


Recently I completed my Dale Carnegie Course and I cannot say enough about the experience that I was privileged to have over the last 3 months. The entire course was unbelievable and the atmosphere was infectious. The Dale Carnegie Course was an amazing life changing experience.

My Major Benefit & BreakthroughI successfully negotiated the shipment of a product (speed fins) from Russia to Canada.

The cost of the fins would have been roughly $450 CND, if I was to purchase them from myself, compared to the other companies where I would have had to pay around $800+ CND to import them into the country.

By seeing the need for an alternative option for speed fins in the Lifesaving Sport, I was able to provide a cost effective way because of my ability to communicate clearly – even over a language barrier and then problem solve.

As a result, of my efforts, I received the speed fins for free from the company, while adding the growth of by increasing the popularity of their fins and also elevating my own image in the Lifesaving Sport, as both an athlete and a leader, in dealing with communication, people skills, and human relations over any obstacles.

In summary, I was able to increase the money in my pocket, while giving many athletes the ability to obtain top of the line equipment at a cost effective rate. I helped the company to extend their reach into the North American market place, and potentially helped them to increase their revenue greatly thus creating a “Win, Win” scenario/partnership!

I accomplished this all by learning and using the principles that I have been taught in our Dale Carnegie Course, in an efficient and skillful manner.

I’m truly happy, I decided to put my application in to take part in this course and I would highly recommend it to everyone and anyone who is looking to have a more influential role in their communities, business lives and in relationships, both professionally and personally. It will lead you to living a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Mackenzie Salmon, Lifesaving Sport


The Dale Carnegie Course was a great learning experience and I would like to thank Dale Carnegie and AthletesCAN for making this opportunity available to me. The lessons I learned will not only help me in my athletic career but also in my daily life. I encourage others (athletes and otherwise) to get involved in this program. The benefits will last a lifetime.
Brad Gushue – 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist, Curling


Ryan RiehlThroughout my life, public speaking has been something I have had to struggle through. I always felt uncomfortable and unsure of how people would react to my disability. On the other hand, I always knew that if I had the ability to confidently network with people around me I could bring awareness to my disability and the amazing opportunities that my sport of blind water-skiing has created in my life.

Within the Dale Carnegie Course setting I had numerous opportunities for self-reflection, where I discovered how many stories I have that deserve to be shared with people in a manner that they can understand and relate to. The course really took me out of my element and made me think more critically on my feet. It has provided me with the skills to put my ideas and thoughts together into something worth sharing.

Since my participation in the program I am more assertive and take initiative in speaking to those in my community in hopes of making more meaningful connections with the people around me.
Ryan Riehl – Canadian Adapted Champion 2007-2013, Blind Water Skier


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