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In keeping with their commitment to amateur sport in Canada, Investors Group established an Amateur Athlete Bursary Fund for Canada’s top amateur athletes in 2000.

Working in partnership with AthletesCAN, the Fund awards twenty bursaries of $5,000 to Canadian amateur athletes each year. The bursary selection committee is made up of active and retired national team athletes and officials from AthletesCAN.

Message from Investors Group

Building on our interest in amateur sport and our commitment to the achievement of personal goals and excellence, we created a millennium fund to assist Canada’s top amateur athletes cover their training and competition costs. Your drive, dedication, focus and discipline resonate with our team of more than 4,700 Consultants and employees.

Through the Team Investors Group Amateur Athletes Fund and our partnership with AthletesCAN, we are proud to play a small role in helping you, our country’s most promising athletes, reach your full potential. As ambassadors and role models, you inspire us all to strive to achieve our personal best.

To date, Investors Group has provided $1.8 million in bursary funding to support our country’s most promising high performance athletes.


This bursary fund is open to any Active Senior National Team Athlete who:

  • Is deemed eligible and in good standing by the appropriate National Sport Federation representing the sport. This includes Olympic, Paralympic, Pan/Parapan American, Commonwealth, and senior national team athletes competing at the senior World Championship level.
  • Is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant permanently residing in Canada.
  • Is committed to training and competing for Canada as a member of the senior national team.
  • Has a gross income, from all sources in the preceding year of less than $50,000. Athletes with an income greater than $50,000 annually, who demonstrate financial need, may also be eligible.

*This bursary is available twice to each athlete during their athletic career.

**NCAA athletes should check with their school’s NCAA Bylaw Compliance Officer to confirm if they are eligible.

Selection Committee

The selection committee will be comprised of a current and/or past representative of the AthletesCAN Board of Directors, as well as active and/or retired National Team athletes.

Selection Process

AthletesCAN will receive and administer all applications for the Team Investors Group Amateur Athletes Fund. A short list of applications will be provided to the selection committee, who will determine the final twenty recipients based upon, but not solely limited to, the following criteria. The percentage of value is listed in parentheses after the criteria:

  • Athletic Achievement (40%)
  • Financial Need (30%)
  • Community Involvement (30%)

* Maximum one male and one female from both able bodied and disabled senior national teams in each sport will be selected for the top 20 bursary recipients. This does not preclude more than one athlete of either gender from applying.

Application Process

Athletes must complete a Team Investors Group Amateur Athletes Fund Application form for activities in the 2017 calendar year and submit the form to AthletesCAN. Use this link to submit your application: Investors Group Amateur Athletes Fund Application. The deadline is February 4, 2018. 

You will need the following to complete this application:

    In order to be considered for the Team Investors Group Amateur Athlete Fund bursary you must provide your income, expenses and net income or loss for 2017.
    As high performance athletes representing your sport and your country, you have a unique opportunity and a responsibility to give back to your community and your sport. Your athletic achievements also allow you to serve as a role model for an entire generation. Your personal values and your commitment to your sport and community are important attributes for a bursary recipient. In 500 words or less, please share the details of your recent and current community involvement, and the ways in which you currently serve as a mentor or role model both in your sport and in your community.
    To assist the Selection Committee, each applicant must submit a letter detailing:

    • What the bursary will be used for and its impact
    • Your approach to sport and your goals for the future
    • Your life goals after your athletic career
    You must submit one (only) letter of reference from and organization for which you have been an active volunteer during the
    past 12 months outlining:

    • The nature of your involvement
    • The time commitment required

**The Personal and Community letters should be written by the athlete.  There is an expectation of professionalism and effort in the submission of these letters and we would urge athletes to take the appropriate time for completion. 

To hear how the Team Investors Group bursary has helped previous recipients click here.

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