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By: Sport Solution Program Managers Brittany Bates, Tyler Matthews, and Greg Cherniak

The Sport Solution Clinic is excited to announce we are making a giant leap into the 21st century by joining Instagram. Through our Instagram account and this linked blog, we hope to provide information about who we are and the services we provide to Canadian athletes. The content will be meant for both athletes seeking to access the Clinic’s resources, as well as Western Law students interested in getting involved.


What is Sport Solution?

Sport Solution is a free, student-run legal clinic committed to helping national team athletes find solutions to a wide range of sport related issues and is overseen by a supervising lawyer. In 1996, Sport Solution was founded by AthletesCAN, the Sports Law Centre, The Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario (Western Law), and the Dispute Resolution Centre. The program was created to support Canada’s national team athletes resolve, and prevent legal conflicts in sport. Sport Solution is the only program of its kind in North America!

What services do we provide?

Sport Solution provides assistance to National Team Athletes in resolving sports related legal issues and offers support throughout the dispute resolution process. The program also offers Athletes guidance on how to prevent conflict and understand the fair administration of sport. Sport Solution responds to the legal needs of Athletes on a full range of issues and can provide information about:

  • General Inquiries and Concerns
  • National Sport Organization (NSO) Procedures
  • How to Prepare for NSO Appeals and Arbitration at the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC)
  • Your Athlete Agreement
  • Corresponding With Your NSO

Types of issues we handle:

  • Team Selection
  • Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) Funding / Carding
  • Discipline
  • Anti-Doping Violations
  • Athlete Trusts
  • Harassment
  • Other Sports Related Legal Concerns

How can I get in touch with Sport Solution?

If you are an Athlete looking to access our services, or a Western Law student interested in what we do – please feel free to contact us!

  • Sport Solution Toll Free: 1-888-434-8883
  • Tel: (519) 661-4163 Fax: (519) 661-2153
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Instagram: @sportsolutionclinic

The clinic is open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm EST, including in summer.

What roles are there at Sport Solution for Western Law students?

In the upcoming academic year, the Clinic will be made up of ten upper year law students: five Program Managers and five Case Managers; as well as ten Caseworkers who support the Program and Case Managers. The Clinic’s supervising lawyer is Amanda Fowler, who is a Toronto-based sport and entertainment lawyer.

The Clinic will be looking to hire ten Caseworkers in September. Caseworkers report to a Case Manager, and a Program Manager, and are responsible for conducting legal research into the cases and issues that the clinic sees. The time commitment is quite manageable, and the Clinic provides an excellent opportunity to work on real legal issues while collaborating with a group of fellow students.

Keep an eye on the SLS Daily in September for more information on the application process.

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