2014 CAN Fund Athlete Application is Now Available!

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  • NEXT Athlete Application Deadline:  Thursday, August, 28, 2014 (5pm ET)

The CAN Fund Athlete Application is NOW available ONLINE.  Wherever you are currently training in the world you can now fill out and submit your application ONLINE via our website.  If you prefer to submit your Athlete Application via mail this option is still available.

Click here to proceed to the CAN Fund Online Application


  • Applications will be accepted from any active national team athlete who is training to represent Canada internationally.
  • Summer, Winter, Able-bodied and Paralympic athletes can apply.  Please note that our first funding priority for this application is to support summer athletes training for 2016.  Winter athletes training for 2018 and any junior level athletes will be considered only after the senior level summer athletes have been considered first and pending the total funds raised.  You are still welcome to apply if you are a winter athlete or a junior athlete as applying is the only way you can ever be considered.  However, please be aware that our first focus is to fund as many senior level summer athletes as possible form this application just as was the case with the winter athletes prior to Sochi.
  • Each approved athlete recipient receives direct funding of $6,000.
  • There are 2 applications a year. Each application is a NEW application. If you have received the CAN Fund already this year you are still eligible to receive it again but must apply each time.
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