Any Workplace Party who believes that they have been subjected to behaviour that violates this Policy may immediately report the matter to the Executive Director of AthletesCAN. If the Workplace Party is not comfortable reporting the matter to the Executive Director, or in the event that the matter concerns the Executive Director, they may report the incident to a member of the Board of Directors. Consistent with the Red Deer Declaration for the Preventing of Harassment, Abuse, and Discrimination in Sport, AthletesCAN is committed to providing members of AthletesCAN, as well as all other Workplace Parties, access to a third party mechanism for reporting incidents of abuse, harassment, discrimination and/or maltreatment. As such, AthletesCAN has identified the following independent third-party that serves as an independent point of contact to which members may report allegations:

Gretchen Kerr, Ph.D.
University of Toronto
65 St. George Street
Toronto, ON., M5S 2Z9
[email protected]