The Team

Sport Solution has five Program Managers available to help Canada’s national team athletes throughout the year and one supervising lawyer. The current Program Managers are:

Our Program Managers

Matt J. McGuckin

Matt is a third-year law student at Western. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with an Honours Distinction Major in Political Studies and a Minor in History from Queen’s University. Prior to joining Western Law’s Class of 2020, Matt worked as a Project Coordinator at Fermar Paving. In his first year of law school, he worked as a caseworker for the Sport Solution Clinic and sees the experience as one of the highlights of his law school career to date.

Matt’s sport background includes elite participation in hockey and lacrosse. Further, it includes participation in soccer, golf and rugby. He remains active by participating in Western Law’s Competitive Hockey team as well as various intramural sports.

Matt is looking forward expanding his role with the clinic as a Program Manager with the Sport Solution Clinic. This is a unique opportunity to continue to empower Canadian athletes while continuing his legal studies. Matt is motivated to remain involved in the athletic community while maintaining the Clinic’s standards of excellence in serving and supporting Canadian athletes.

Christina Skinner

Christina is a third-year law student at Western. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with an Honours Double Major in French Studies and Criminal Justice, graduating with distinction from Western University. Prior to law school, she gained valuable experience while living and working in France, and also while doing negotiation and mediation work as a caseworker for Toyota Canada. During her first year at Western Law, she won the Dispute Resolution Centre Mediation Competition with her partner, and has been involved as an executive committee member on the Health Care Law Association.

Christina has been involved in competitive soccer at a high level with a variety of clubs from a young age, totaling over 17 years of playing experience. Her sport background also includes elite participation in volleyball, basketball, and badminton. She remains active by participating in Western intramural teams, as well as other competitive soccer leagues.

Christina is looking forward to the incredible opportunity to work with and support Canadian athletes as a program manager with the Clinic. This is an unparalleled opportunity to combine her experience and passion for sports with her legal studies.

Vanetia R

Vanetia is a second-year law student at the University of Western. At the University of Waterloo, Vanetia earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with an Honours Legal Studies major, and minors in Women’s Studies and Sociology. While graduating with High Distinction with a consecutive standing on the University of Waterloo’s Dean’s List, Vanetia followed her passions for education and helping others by volunteering in a primary school in Singapore, and running the Volunteer Centre at the University of Waterloo, as an Internal Director. In her first year at Western Law, Vanetia qualified as a semi-finalist in the Torys LLP Negotiation Competition. Vanetia was also greatly involved with Western Law as 1L Representative for the Gender and the Law Association (GALA), a journalist for the Yearbook Committee, and as a caseworker for the Sport Solution Clinic.

Vanetia has had a unique introduction to the world of athletics through yoga – where the health of the mind and body of the athlete is stressed as being of primary importance. Due to this introduction, Vanetia’s athletic endeavours in badminton, boccia, dance (ballet, hip-hop, jazz, classical dances, etc.) and most recently, archery, have been shaped by the concept that an athlete performs best when they are physically, and especially mentally, healthy. Vanetia has seen the impact of conflict on athletes’ health and performance, first-hand, which has informed her of the importance of assisting athletes with conflicts within their team or organization. Grateful for the opportunity to be a Program Manager and Project Manager for the Sport Solution Clinic and Athletes Canada, respectively, Vanetia is looking forward to supporting athletes through her work. Intertwining her passions for sports, the law, and highlighting issues related to intersectionality, this incredible opportunity allows Vanetia utilize her knowledge and experiences to support Canadian athletes. 

Margaret MacKinnon

Margaret is currently a second-year student in the JD program at Western Law. Margaret earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University where she was in the Business Management program, majoring in Business Law. Prior to coming to Western Law, Margaret gained valuable and practical legal experience working at a boutique law firm in downtown Toronto.

Upon coming to Western Law, Margaret joined the Sport Solution Clinic as a 1L caseworker, and found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. She also enjoys playing a variety of intramurals at Western Law, including ice hockey and ball hockey. Margaret’s sport background includes participation in a variety of sports including ice hockey, soccer, and ball hockey. She has a particular interest in improving access to, and the promotion of, women’s sports, particularly women’s hockey. Margaret is very much looking forward to continuing in her role as a Program Manager at the Sport Solution Clinic.

Tyler O’Henly

Tyler is a second-year law student at Western. He spent his undergraduate career at the University at Buffalo, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance. Tyler spent his first year of law school as a case worker for the Sport Solution Clinic.

During his undergraduate career, Tyler was also a three-time letterman on Buffalo’s football team. He developed a passion for athlete advocacy as a Representative on the school’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, an NCAA organization designed to give student-athletes a voice in the formation and administration of policy nationwide.

Tyler is looking forward expanding his role with the Sport Solution Clinic as a Program Manager. The clinic is a tremendous opportunity to continue supporting and empowering athletes while developing relevant legal skills. Tyler is committed to preserving the Clinic’s standard of excellence in serving and supporting Canadian athletes.