Ask yourself this question…

How much input, either directly and/or indirectly, do I have or do other athletes have into the decisions that affect me? Are there ways for my voice to be heard when things are decided?

Ensuring that there is a process for the opinions of athletes to be heard and acted upon is an important step in making sure that your sport is focused on your needs and on athletes in general.  AthletesCAN believes that the most effective ways for athletes to be heard is through Athlete Representatives, an Athletes’ Council and Athlete Directors.

In support of this belief, we strive to provide sport system stakeholders with the tools and governance structure recommendations necessary to support an athlete-centered environment promoting the holistic development of its participants in a safe and healthy manner.

What is athlete-centered sport?

In an athlete-centered sport system, the values, programs, policies, resource allocation, and priorities of sport organizations place primary emphasis on consideration of athletes’ needs in a holistic sense, and performance goals within that context.  Those responsible for leadership and decision-making in sport must include the athletes in both defining the needs and goals of the sport or event, and in determining how to meet them. The athlete should be an active subject, not the object of sporting programs.

As the association of Canada’s national team athletes, we continue to proactively identify areas of risk and opportunity with the potential to impact our members.  As a result, we have identified key priorities in which AthletesCAN is consistently working towards system improvement including health and safety, athlete funding, athlete agreements, athlete voice, anti-doping, athlete rights, athlete recognition, and athlete social responsibility. 

For more information about our representation priorities and initiatives or to get involved in one of our working groups, please email [email protected].