AthletesCAN is a strong proponent of clean sport. We believe in the rights of our athletes to compete in a doping-free environment that provides a fair and level playing field.   

In 2015, AthletesCAN created an Anti-Doping Advisory Committee (ADAC) to provide direct feedback to CCES and other relevant stakeholders on anti-doping related policies and programs and their application. This committee also supports the AthletesCAN board of directors on matters of anti-doping affecting the AthletesCAN membership that require action.   

The ADAC includes representatives from the following groups in addition to system and subject experts as identified by the group on an ad-hoc basis:  

  • President, AthletesCAN 
  • Chair, Canadian Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission 
  • Chair, Canadian Paralympic Committee Athletes’ Council 
  • Athlete Representative, CCES 
  • Canadian Athlete Representative(s), WADA Athletes’ Council 

The ADAC meets annually face to face with CCES at the completion of the AthletesCAN Forum.  They provide feedback on anti-doping related matters including existing regulations, proposed changes, disputes, key issues, major Games initiatives, education and risk management; and recommend, as required, amendments or questions regarding any document, policy or protocol related to anti-doping that affects or has the potential to affect Canadian athletes. 

For more information about the ADAC please contact [email protected].

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