AthletesCAN National Safe Sport Summit Consensus Statements:

  1. That all forms of maltreatment be prohibited.
  2. For athletes above the age of 18 years:
    • Any sexual relations between a person in a position of authority and an athlete is prohibited as it creates a perceived bias; perceived conflict of interest; negative implications for other teammates; and, an imbalance of power that puts an athlete’s ability to consent in question.
    • Upon implementation of this code, any sexual relationship that has been initiated between a person in a position of authority and an athlete must be disclosed and the person in the position of authority must leave the organization. Failure to disclose should result in sanctions.
    • Retaliation against an athlete who has not consented to sexual advances or solicitation of sexual conduct or relationships is strictly prohibited and should be sanctioned accordingly.
  3. That a Safe Sport Canada body be established and responsible for all aspects of Safe Sport including but not limited to: policy; education and training; investigation and adjudication; support and compensation.
  4. That Safe Sport Canada be independent of all other sport governing bodies.
  5. That there be a universal code of conduct that applies to all stakeholders, and addresses all forms of maltreatment and applicable sanctions.
  6. That there be mandatory education on Safe Sport for all stakeholders driven by minimum and harmonized standards to ensure good standing.