AthletesCAN Supports the Call for Independent Athlete Oversight in International Weightlifting Federation Reform Following the McLaren Independent Investigation

OTTAWA (July 2) – AthletesCAN acknowledges the results of the McLaren Independent Investigator Report to the Oversight and Integrity Commission (O&I Commission) of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) released on June 6, 2020.

On January 5, 2020, the German ARD documentary “Lord of the Lifters” was released claiming governance, financial, and anti-doping corruption and other irregularities within the IWF. Professor McLaren of McLaren Global Sport Solutions was appointed by the IWF Executive Board and Acting President through the O&I Commission to investigate these claims. The findings include over $10.4M USD in unaccounted funds, over 40 hidden positive adverse doping test findings, vote-buying, and other severe governance failures.

"The results of the McLaren Report show the current Executive Board have lost its ethical authority to govern and should resign. The findings of widespread corruption have, unfortunately, undermined the integrity of all those involved in the Federation" states Moira Lassen, former IWF Executive Board Member, IWF Women's Commission Chair, and former Secretary General Canadian Weightlifting Federation. "Weightlifters around the globe deserve that the sport be under the stewardship of an independent and athlete-centered authority while it reforms."

AthletesCAN is astonished by the results of the McLaren Independent Investigator Report. The horrific governance practices of IWF perpetrated by former President Dr. Aján are unfathomable. The evidence found in the report of financial misconduct, vote-buying, and anti-doping corruption has directly affected the rights of countless weightlifting athletes over the course of his tenure. AthletesCAN supports our longstanding alumni and former Chair of the IWF Executive Board Member and IWF Women’s Commission Moira Lassen and our fellow athlete groups in the call for an independent and athlete-centred oversight in the IWF reform.

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