In contributing to a strong and vibrant Canadian sport system, AthletesCAN is committed to developing athlete leaders, who lead by example, inspire others to excel and contribute to meaningful change where they live, work and play.

As a part of this objective, AthletesCAN is dedicated to providing effective training and leadership skill development to Canada’s national team athletes to afford them the opportunity to gain a significant level of confidence, comfort and knowledge in representing their voice and those of their teammates at the decision making table.

What does it mean to be an “athlete leader”? How can you, as an athlete, help to direct decisions and influence change within your sport organization? What kind of power do the athletes have in a system of multiple organizations, government policies and accountability? To answer these questions, AthletesCAN has developed, collected and comprised a variety of resources to ensure that athlete leaders have the tools and the knowledge to support and further an athlete-centered sport system in Canada.

The Athlete Leadership & Representation online learning module represents one of the ongoing chapters of a competencies based learning model for athlete leadership development. The leadership modules have been tailored to create a more athlete focused, concise and user friendly learning experience, providing links to more detailed information as required and easily referenced materials to share with your teammates.

This information can be found as part of the Leadership Handbook