Sport System 101

Sport System 101 is a web based leadership tool to help guide high performance athletes, and those looking to become high performance athletes, through the Canadian sport system from development to retirement. Various areas of interest are listed on the left and expand to provide more details on each of the selected topics.

This learning tool allows for both developing and high performance athletes to easily find answers to frequently asked questions about the sport system while providing step-by-step solutions and/or links to additional resources.

How will understanding the national sport system help you as an athlete?

There are a number of areas in which the following information will make navigating a sport career path easier:

  • Knowing which organizations provide which programs, services, funding, information, and/or advocacy and how to access them.
  • Taking advantage of the contacts, resources, programs and services these organizations provide.
  • Understanding the different possibilities and opportunities available both as an athlete and off the field of play.
  • Creating a career path vision through the various levels of the sport system with help from the applicable sport organizations to reach your end goals.

This information can be found as part of the Leadership Handbook