AthletesCAN has launched a campaign titled The #AthleteVoice1, which allows Canada to celebrate, partake in, and support the Canadian athlete’s experience in a unique and meaningful way. The fundraising goal of this campaign is $10,000, which will go directly to benefitting Canada’s national team athletes.

The Campaign

A 100-line poem written by Olympic Champion, father, and entrepreneur, Simon Whitfield (Triathlon) and Toronto based artist Vanessa Smythe describing what it means to be a Canadian athlete, and the impact sport has on our lives and our country.

Twenty-five athletes from various sports and all geographic regions of Canada have each recited four lines of the poem on video to be compiled into one complete piece for presentation once the fundraising goal is achieved.

Each donation or “commission” of $100 “unlocks” one line of the poem’s text online, building momentum for the Sport Awards. Once all of the lines of the poem have been unlocked, the final video including recognition of donors, all 25 athletes and 100 lines, will be presented and released online.

1This idea was original conceived by our friends at Outside the March, an immersive theatre company based in Toronto with a 100 line love letter to Toronto written by Toronto artist Vanessa Smythe.