Born Canadian 1975. 

Sydney 2000 Olympic Triathlon Champion.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Triathlon Vice Champion.

Four time Olympian.

Sydney 2000 Olympic Ceremonies Flag Bearer.

London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies Flag Bearer.

Co-founder BlackFishRedDragonBlueWhale excursions club. With a passion for adventure BlackFishRedDragonBlueWhale based On Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada - BRB was born of a desire to be engaged in skilled attention, breathing in fresh air exploring the great outdoors. 

Co-founder Relentless Pursuit Partners - “Relentless Pursuit” charts the path ahead by engaging innovative solution oriented entrepreneurs who are focused on optimum health issues and believe engineered outcomes are achieved through systematic intention;  precision application leading to predictable gain. 

To be relentless in ones pursuit is to be courageous, engaged in inquisition and common enterprise with others; constructive defiance. 

As an Olympic Champion and Paddle Canada Advanced Paddling Instructor teach performance clinics and guide excursions.

With a love for learning and a wealth of high performance sport experience, 

and forty three years of a life committed to constructive defiance,

with the intention to contribute and be grateful.