1  If I only had one more chance to run, swim, pedal  Andrew Nisker
2  One more chance to burn the fuel inside me –  Gregory Betty 
3  I'd take my mark   Robert Marrs
4  and ready my body to unleash all it has inside it.  Bill MacMackin 
5  My mind would quiet the thoughts that seek the spotlight.  Maude Boucher
6  My breath, nothing else, is the one that utters: go.  Anna Willams 
7  and on the sound of the gun  Robert Marrs
8  I’d move with the gift I’ve been given –  Ann Peel 
9  the one I’ve spent my lifetime trying to earn.  Abbie Milavdky
10  and me and the others who also believe what's inside them,  Anonymous 
11  We’d run and we’d fire with every single thing we have.  Robert Marrs 
12  The wind in our face, the roar of the crowd,  Carr Trumpy
13  our breath in our legs in our arms in our lungs.  Melanie Hazell
14  And though this moment would be special,  Myla Laliberte
15  it wouldn't capture all the moments that came before it   Kathryn Watt 
16  Wouldn't replace or erase a single one.  Mark Yerbury
17  Like the time I was first to cross the line  Steve Lougheed
18  and I caught the gaze of my Dad  Xavier Laliberte
19  Shining bright.  Soma Ray-Ellis
20  Or the time I failed my own expectations  Anonymous
21  Couldn’t hurdle over what was in front of me.  Robert Marrs
22  The times when I caved, fell, broke,  Anonymous
23  and it took everything I had not to run and jump the fence.  Mark Yerbury
24  That time when they said I was over the hill, finished  Gabriel Flamminio
25  But I promised myself that this love I felt,  Burchill Financial Services 
26  That this fire, though dim, still burned.  Mike Smith
27  So that when I went back and won victory again  Anonymous
28  I knew I'd kept my promise to myself.  Marc-André LeBlanc
29  For this all started when I was young and small   Anonymous
30  When we were kids on playscapes who ran until our bones hurt and  Marc-André LeBlanc
31  leapt like we had wings,   Sébastien Heins 
32  for we wanted to be just  Jeffrey Pain
33  Like our heroes.  Alexa Irvin
34  Our heroes showed us Strength, Practice, Patience,  Peter Wismath
35  Grace  Jeffrey Pain
36  Getting hurt  Burchill Financial Services 
37  Getting up.  Jeffrey Pain
38  We'd watch in wonder, lean in close, hover around the radio and   Anonymous
39  cram into stadiums,  Jeffrey Pain
40  and gather in fallen snow beneath a big screen that showed  Steve Lougheed
41  our red and white.  Jeffrey Pain 
42  We saw what any of us could be   Anonymous
43   What any of us could stumble through    Chris Pozniak
44  What any of us could fail at  Anonymous
45  or succeed.  Charlotte MacNaughton
46  These heroes of ours  Frances Daprato
47  went into the darkness  Tino DosSantos
48  and left all they had  Gerard Drouin 
49  behind them.   Tino DosSantos
50  In this,  Miles Rowat 
51  they gave us their gifts Anonymous 
53  We’d scream at our televisions, shout with our families  Timothy Duncan 
55  And in those moments  Robert Marrs
57  Just these humans fighting with everything they have  Peter Wismath 
60 before the lights came back on and we no longer heard the chorus in our head,   Leslie Henderson
62  and our bodies felt connected to their kind.  Robert Marrs
64  Rise before the crack of dawn  John Champion 
65  Pull up, push up, condition, train, not quit.  Tino DosSantos
66  And in our striving to be like the ones we believed in  Tino DosSantos
67  we endured and remained when our bodies and hearts got broken,  Zev Zlotnick
69  To live fiercely, but tread lightly –  Anonymous
71  For these are only borrowed moments. Ladislav Kucis
72  And just as all the ones before us rose and faded,  Robert Marrs
74  into the sweet stillness of age and time fade  2020 Armor
76  So let us, as we walk,  Robert Marrs
78  and as we glance behind us and see the faces, the millions of eyes and  John-Charles Heins
79  glowing hearts beating strong  Louis-Charles Laliberte
80  Let us remember the privilege it is  Sheila Drouin 
82  through our days and nights as messengers of what we can be.  Tino DosSantos
83  For when we push ourselves through barriers and walls,   Albert Laliberté
84  we might all feel the collapse of divisions and space between us.  Robert Marrs
85  And even if the world is sad or broken  Mary Cicinelli 
86  If people are angry or misunderstood   Gregory McKenzie
87  Perhaps we can quietly learn from our ancestors of sport   Jonathan Wigley
89  our voices need to sing, our fists need to pound  Yan Huckendubler
90  And our hearts need to beat a little faster for something to believe in.  Gregory Betty 
91  For nowadays, though my laces aren’t as tight  Vincent Roy 
92  and I no longer run to stand the tallest ground,  Sean Cannon 
94  and see their magnificence and wonder.  Robert Marrs
96  I can only hope that in me somewhere is that same guidance  Luella Rose Mink