Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book a car outside of North America with the AthletesCAN program?

A: You can book a car through National Car Rental by booking online at quoting your Contract ID# provided to you by AthletesCAN.  If you are traveling in the UK or Germany, you may book with the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand at  You may also call our global reservation centre at +44(0)116 217 3812.

Q:  Which Countries are serviced by National Car Rental?

A: In some instances your National Car Rental may be provided by our service partners such as Europcar, Citer, Maggiore, and Atesa.  In these instances you should still look for the National logo. National Car Rental is located in 90 countries worldwide and has a global fleet of over 1 million vehicles.  Some of these countries are Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Rep., Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK. For a complete list of countries, go to the reservation screen at and click on the “find a location” icon.

Q: Is the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand available outside of North America as well?

A: Yes.  The Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand currently operates in the UK, Germany, and Ireland.

Q:  What rates apply to rentals booked outside of North America?

A: Outside of North America, all National Car Rental locations offer set corporate rates to North American corporate account holders, including AthletesCAN members.  Similar to the rates offered through AthletesCAN, the international rates do not fluctuate and are different for each country.  You can find these rates online at by selecting a location and entering your Contract ID# as provided by AthletesCAN.

If you are traveling in the UK or Germany, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will offer AthletesCAN members a 5% discount off the lowest available non-discounted rate at date of travel when booking with your AthletesCAN Contract ID#.

Q: I recently rented a car and my AthletesCAN rate was higher than the advertised daily rate.  Why, in this case, is the rate I received using my AthletesCAN corporate ID higher than what I can get on my own and at other times it is not?

A: In addition to your AthletesCAN corporate rate, our global service partners have agreed to offer a set corporate rate to AthletesCAN members.  These rates do not fluctuate due to supply and demand like standard retail rates.  What this means to you is that during times of peak rental season and high demand your corporate rate (globally) and AthletesCAN rate (within North America) will often be the best available rates; however, in times of low demand, retail rates may dip below these set corporate rates.  If that occurs during your rental process, you may choose to use the lower rate.

If you have a question that has not been answered through the program page content and the above FAQs please email [email protected].