Getting to Know You

Click here for the PDF version of Getting to Know You.

  1. Where (city/town) did you grow up? What city/town do you currently call “home”?
  2. What is your background/family? Do you have siblings? Do you have any other professional or amateur athletes in your family? Do you identify with another cultural background? Do you speak multiple languages?
  3. Do you have a nickname?
  4. Where, why and how old were you when you first started in your sport?
  5. What was your first memory of knowing that you wanted to compete for a living?
  6. Why do you continue to compete in your sport?
  7. Explain your training philosophy.
  8. Are there any motto’s or values you live by?
  9. Who are your heroes/role models and why – how have they inspired you?
  10. Have you had any supporters throughout your career you feel made a big impact on your life and can you explain how and what that means to you to have that support?
  11. What was the most memorable challenge you’ve overcome in your sport?
  12. What was the most memorable challenge you’ve overcome in life?
  13. What do you do in your spare time – other pursuits in your life?
  14. Why do you think you are an important part of this or the next generation of athletes in Canada and what is it that makes you stand out?
  15. Is there anything else about you that sponsors and/or the general public might find interesting/inspiring (feel free to list more than one)?
  16. Compile a list of your sport related results and awards to date.
  17. Compile a list of awards/honours outside of sport.
  18. What accomplishments are you most proud of both in sport and in life?
  19. What is your ultimate objective in sport – what does success look like for you? (This will define how sponsors/supporters will view success in your career and allow them to share in your achievements)
  20. What are your goals and dreams outside of sport?
  21. If you could educate the general public and potential sponsors about your sport, how would you describe it and how you fit within it? Do some research, visit your NSO description but put a personal touch on it.
  22. Are you active on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)? Do you have a blog or website? List any relevant sites, number of fans, followers, subscribers, etc.
  23. List your favourite sport/athlete related advertising campaigns that inspired you and why you felt they made an impact.

Once you have filled this out, you’ll begin to see common themes, traits, and values that will shape your story.  This will bring you one step closer to a successful sponsorship strategy.